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Charged with a Motion to Revoke Felony Probation or Misdemeanor Probation? Or Charged with a Parole Violation in San Francisco or East Bay Area?

The consequences of being charged with probation or parole violation could be very serious. You could be facing county jail time or state or federal prison.  If an individual is out of jail on parole, or avoided jail by being placed on probation, he/she can be charged with a probation or a parole violation for not complying with the conditions of his/her parole or probation.
Probation violation or parole violation can result in county jail or state prison sentence.

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Ginny Harjot Walia represents clients charged with felony and misdemeanor motions to revoke probation or parole violations in the East Bay area, San Francisco and other cities throughout Northern California in California state and Federal courts.  San Francisco Probation and parole violation defense attorney, Ginny Harjot Walia, can represent you for California state or federal probation or parole violations throughout the Bay Area. Call Ginny Walia Law Offices now for a free consultation to discuss your motion to revoke probation or Parole violation case!

California Motion to Revoke Probation or federal parole violation charges

If an individual fails to report for mandatory drug testing, fails a drug test, fails to check in with your parole officer or probation officer or fails to report for community service or to complete your community service sentence he or she can be charged with a probation/parole violation.

However, if there are extenuating circumstances that contributed to your failure to comply with probation or parole. You have a right to bring evidence to your probation revocation hearing to prove those extenuating circumstances (such as ill health), or to defend against charges that are being made against you.