National and Local Media Coverage


Ms. Walia hosts a weekly radio show on Klok 1170am in the San Francisco Bay Area discussing various legal issues and the justice system. Please tune into 1170am Tuesdays from 10AM-11:00pm to listen to “Ginny Walia Law Show”.

In the past, she has been invited as an experienced legal analyst on more than 30 radio shows discussing various legal issues and constitutions rights.


Ms. Walia has been recognized as a young and successful attorney by “The Recorder,” a legal newspaper in the bay area and “The New York Lawyer”. Other newspapers have since picked up the story.

Magazines & Journals

Ms. Walia regularly writes legal articles for various newspapers and magazines. The articles are intended to educate the public on its legal rights. Ms. Walia has also been the subject of various newspaper articles for her successful representation of her clients and her tenacity in their representation.