Infographic – What it means to Legalize Marijuana with Prop 64?

Coming Tuesday (November 8, 2016), Californians will vote on Proposition 61 to legalize marijuana. Polls predict that this proposition will pass.

It would legalize limited marijuana possession and consumption for adults 21 or older and allow personal cultivation of up to six plants. The proposition would establish a Bureau of Marijuana Control to regulate the commercial marketplace for pot. Tax revenue from marijuana sales would go toward funding this bureau. Any remaining funds would be used for public health campaigns aimed at preventing youth drug use, environmental remediation of public lands used for illegal marijuana cultivation, and training of law officers to enforce the new law. Public consumption would remain illegal.

We have put together an infograph to highlight the what it will mean if Marijuana becomes legal in California by passing Proposition 64.

For more details about this proposition, please visit,_Marijuana_Legalization_(2016)

Infographic - Prop 64 Marijuana Legalization